Coach Mentorship

The Coach Mentorship Program is designed for your coaches to receive additional growth opportunities, face-to-face mentoring, and to provide guidance in areas that have been identified as critical to player development.

What is Mentoring?

Mentor: A wise and trusted teacher, advisor, counselor, instructor, tutor, trainer.

Mentoring: A relationship between a guide (mentor) and a coach, which enables the coach to become more successful in all aspects of his/her coaching skills.

Mentoring Involves: Simulating and managing the individual growth necessary to support coaching performance in the delivery programs beyond the present levels of delivery within the Canadian hockey system.

Benefits of Mentoring: Provides coaches with the required skills, knowledge, and support to promote and sustain higher levels of performance within the coaching field.

Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring


  • Do you have be a good leader to be a good coach?
  • Does a coach have to adapt his/her leadership style according to the situation or his/her players and/or parents?
  • Do coaches need the same leadership style as they move up in age groups or levels?

Definition of Leadership:

  • Directing, motivating, and enabling others to accomplish the mission professionally and ethically, while developing or improving capabilities that contribute to mission success.
  • Organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal.
  • Leadership is influence: nothing more, nothing less.
  • The ability to influence the will of others to do something they normally would not do

What can you expect from our mentorship program?

We are dedicated to providing all coaches with the latest information regarding coaching, teaching, and strategizing the game of hockey. We will deliver experiences and suggestions through game and practice observations to all coaches at all levels.  All this is to provide a structure and culture of learning and growth to all coaches in the association. 

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