Teams & Associations

For Your Team & Association
The core of our winter operation is partnerships with both teams and associations. Our ability to facilitate small or large groups with our full time dedicated coaching staff allows us to offer a wide range of flexibility to fit any requests.
Since 2002, we have been delivering programming across North America and Europe. Over the past eight years, our focus has been working year-round in the Ottawa region. Collectively, we have taught 60+ years, in 9 different countries, with an estimated 70,000 youth and adults. In this past year alone, we trained over 7,500 players — with skill sets ranging from beginner to professional. This vast experience, along with working with the #1 hockey school in the US, top European skating coaches, and other noted programs has enabled us to deliver what we feel to be the path to each player’s individual and team success into the next generation!
Flexible Options:
  • Skating Efficiency Clinics/Sessions
  • Puck Confidence training(shooting, stick handling etc.)
  • Specialty clinics(Defence, Contact, Shooting, Speed)
  • Coach Mentorship
  • Seminars(Season Planning, Team Building, Practice Planning, Teaching Players to Compete/Score, Communication as a Coach)
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